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MS Access Appointment Planner Template with Image Manager

Access 2010 32 bits, 2013 32 bits  and 2016 32 bits

Multilingual with Access Ribbon !
You also get the image manager enabling you to link images to a customer. The images are stored outside the database in an "images" folder. The "images" folder is in the same location then the backend database (TemplateData.accdb)
You can start a project with this database and use it as it is or you can modify it to suit your needs. You could also import the desired objects into your project to perform what you need. The code is commented and you can easily follow the data flow. You will save a lot of time plus it’s a great way to learn different techniques regarding Microsoft Access queries, forms, reports and vba programming. You have access to all the source codes. It’s yours to use in your project. Plus you get a 1 year's worth of free upgrades when improvements and/or corrections are made to the software.
It runs

  • resources (visual calendar task scheduler that dig into a monthly and a weekly view)
  • topics
  • employee
  • mass mailings (SMTP direct)
  • and much more ...

List of features:

  • Built in Backup and compact utility
  • Display users who are logged in to your backend database.
  • Optionally disconnect them remotely.
  • Link manager for your connection to your backend. Easily change your link to a different backend database.
  • Manage reminders to contact your customers on a specified Year/month
  • Manage resources to use in a schedule form.
  • Security system with login and password.
  • Export data to Excel.
  • Email/letter management. Built an email list. Send personalized emails and letters.
  • Manage a schedule based on customers and resources.
  • Manage any images that you want to link to a customer.

You will learn:

  • How to use a scheduler in the form of a calendar
  • How to design a security system (With a login and password form)
  • How to use a date selector
  • How to create a rolodex manager for customer or anything you like
  • How to create a startup form
  • How to manage a To Do list
  • How to manage reports and labels
  • and much more ...

Here's a few screenshots.

CRM main form


Appointment detail 

 Image manager




"Microsoft Access: The most widely used desktop database system in the world"

For a good explanation of how and when to use Access see this article from Luke Chung, president of FMS inc.


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