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  • You need a well documented MS Access template that would make you save time and money, and help you learn Microsoft Access programming techniques at the same time.
  • You have to develop an MS Access Database that runs customers, suppliers, products, etc...
  • You need to have a multilingual database that can adjust to your users.  

Here’s the tool for you ! A Microsoft Access Database Template designed to save you time and help you learn

MS Access Templates Access 2013 and up, 32/64 bits

COST OF DEVELOPMENT: Less expensive alternative to larger database systems, such as Oracle or SQL Server, which require a tremendous amount of set up and maintenance costs.

SOFTWARE INTEGRATION: Since Access is a Microsoft Office product, it has been designed to integrate well with other products in the Microsoft Office Suite, Access is such a widely used database system that other software manufacturers are more likely to provide the ability to interface directly to Access than any other desktop database system.

LEGACY DATA: Access has the ability to easily import many data formats so that your existing data is not lost. This feature can not only save 100′s of hours of input time, but also eliminate potential human input error.

UNIQUE IDENTIFIER: Each piece of information is assigned a unique identifier. This is extremely important since it controls that each piece of information is only entered once and eliminates human and duplication errors.

You have to develop an MS Access Database that runs customers, suppliers, products, inventory, invoices, orders ... or you need a database for scheduling task according to resources (like doctors or equipments or anything else) ?

We provide :

A Customer Management Microsoft Access database that you can use as a template.

With dazzling forms, reports, dashboards, email manager, those templates are the perfect starting point for your project

You can start a project with one of those database and use it as it is or you can modify it to suit your needs. You will save a lot of time plus it’s a great way to learn different techniques regarding Microsoft Access queries, forms, reports and vba programming. You have access to all the source codes. It’s yours to use in your project.

Remember, you can take those ms access sample and quickly learn from them, improve your productivity, reduce your work load and be more competitive.


"Microsoft Access: The most widely used desktop database system in the world"

For a good explanation of how and when to use Access see this article from Luke Chung, president of FMS inc.


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