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Download the free DEMO of the CRM MS Access Database Template

Just download the free demo and have a look at all it can do.

Try it in an .mde version for 15 days.

Choose the file to download according to your version of Microsoft Access.

Also please write the following info when prompted

Login: Admin  Password: 1234

Note 1


To avoid security messages each time you open the database you should add the database folder to the trusted locations list.

To do that just double-click on the file "AddPath2010.bat" or "AddPath2013.bat" or "AddPath2016.bat" (depending of your version of Access) that is provided in this zip file. This will registre proper keys in the registry.
Thanks to Gunter Avenius   for those utilities.


Note 2 


If you are running the demo on a computer with a regional setting different then English or French you may have to change the non-Unicode setting to English to make sure it works correctly. This is due to the VBA code that was created on a computer with a non-Unicod setting to English.

If you experience problems with the demo and to change the non-Unicode language setting, follow these steps.

Note Because there are several versions of Microsoft Windows, the following steps may be different on your computer. If they are, see your product documentation to complete these steps.

  1. Click Windows 7 start button, click Control Panel, click Regional settings,Region and language and then click OK. 
  2. Under Administration tab, press the Modify Regional Settings button and verify that the language is English. If the language differs, click the language that you want, and then click OK. Your default language WILL NOT CHANGE by selecting English here. 
  3. Restart the computer. 


The download links 

 MS Access 2010 Version (zip)
 MS Access 2013 Version (zip)
 MS Access 2016 Version (zip)

Thank you !

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"Microsoft Access: The most widely used desktop database system in the world"

For a good explanation of how and when to use Access see this article from Luke Chung, president of FMS inc.


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